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a sweet year in review


sweet little katelyn


I would like to say a *BIG THANK YOU* to all my friends, families, & readers of Seoul in the City! I was blessed with fellow bloggers and friends visiting me in Seoul this past year...and many of whom I met for the first time here in Seoul! When some of Seoul in the City readers are in town, they will hit me up with an email, ask about good eats around this city...then followed by 'hey you free to meet up?'

This always bring a smile to my face :) It's a ton of fun meeting up with readers visiting Seoul...you just never know what great relationships can develop over time! This post is dedicated to those whom I have met for the first time here in Seoul throughout 2011, some abroad while I was traveling, some friends/family, and some of my favorite folks that reside in Seoul with me!

2011 was a year filled with absolute madness, joy, tears, heartaches, hope, love, new friendships, strong faith, and blessings!

I look forward to 2012, and hope to spend another great year with all of you!




 The Kangs (Ella, Rylee, Katelyn & George), Calvin Lo eating his heart out @ Solbins, Eunice & Bernie Cho  waiting for their hot dogs. These LA folks are luvin Solbin's!


 Linus Kim, Marcus Kim & Sean Yoon...Tim An, Tina Kye & Kiyong Maeng...Geza Tokes & Carine Park.


 Smiling with friend Gene Kim (you'll see him in the Samsung commericals!) and Kenny Park from Vatos! 


 Susumu from O Kitchen with Benson Lee (Planet B Boy), Andy Joseph & Sue Park one of my fave couples, and the 'Inside Job' editors visiting Seoul-Joe Lee, Eugene Yi, & John Woo.

@ Coffee Smith with the Kangs...Danny Seo & Amy Feezor...Li Jin & Hana from Melbourne!


 Jen Moeller & Tom Walsh (tomeatsjencooks.com), with cousin Hannah Song, and on Mt. Bukhansan with  Linus & Calvin!


 Joe Mcpherson (zenkimchi.com) & Dan Gray (seouleats.com), Katelyn diving into a Solbin's dog, and my family  visiting from the states!


 Eunice helping with my make-up during our pilot shoot over the summer and our amazing production team!


 Bobby Choy (bigphony) with brother Eddy Choy, Tina Kye my partner in crime in the middle, and sister-in-law  Jiye Park Lee with my niece Audrey!

Comedian Danny Cho visiting from LA to the left; George & Rylee Kang to the right.


 @Sally's bridal shower, Darren Vaughan wiping off cake from his face, and Christine Kim and daughter Sophie  from Brooklyn...


 My lovely lunch buddes Barbara & Eunice...Latha and friend from Singapore...My brother Ray and Audrey! 


  Grace Kim (valeofenna.com) & Cindy Kang (justthelittlethings.com), and Audrey checking out my Ipad

 With Keeyeon Warren & Sue Park



 Our Ghetto Gourmet supper club...





Reader Comments (5)

Is that your boy at the end. Does he have an X100. Jealous. Great post :)

January 4, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterTom

Tom-the comment you make is about his camera...I have no idea, I'll ask...but you'll see him Saturday!

January 4, 2012 | Registered Commentersarah lee

Hey there. I've been blogging on Korean food for a while and can't believe it took me so long to find your site. I really like your posts and have subscribed. :)

by the way, I was posting at seoulfood.org, but from now on I'll be at seouleats.com.

January 10, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDustin Cole

Hi Dustin! Thanks for visiting my site! I'll be looking into your posts as well:)

January 17, 2012 | Registered Commentersarah lee

OMG! I know that tall messy hair guy haha ... TOM! LOL ... Small World! I was checking out the Silk Button post you did a while ago and here I am! By the way, I am so interested in the Silk Button products!

February 15, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJason Tse
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