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cannes, france

Just beautiful...


You know when you try a type of food for the first time, and it’s so good there’s so much involved? Not just the texture, or the color, or the size.  It becomes emotional.  It becomes a memory that will stay on the tip of your tongue.  Probably for a really long time.

That’s what happened here. At Cannes, France.  The local strawberries…yeah, I could just start and finish with this. Everyday.

I just got back from Cannes (located in the French Riviera) a few weeks ago, had a great opportunity to attend the Cannes Film Festival as a guest.  Checking this off my bucket list now! The city, the beaches, the food, the shopping...just not enough time to see and do everything really.  Oh, and I over packed. Just a little.  My wardrobe was ambitious, because you just never know how many outfits a lady would need per day due to the weather right? I mean it's Cannes! Uh, hopefully I’m not the only one that thought this way.


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busan once again

부산 횟집 


On our way to Vietnam in January, I spent a few days in Seoul + a quick overnight trip to Busan.  For those who haven't checked out Busan yet, it's the 2nd largest city & the largest port in South Korea located in the Southeastern tip.  Even with limited time, we were able to make room for one proper meal. We were all business when it came down to deciding on where we would dine for our only evening in Busan. So we went to the expert.  Busan Hwejip-부산 횟집, was recommended by Busan resident and amazing blogger Sally Shim (who hails from Portland).  This just had to be one of the best, if not the most memorable dining experience for me in Busan. I've been to this city a handful of times, and was never thoroughly impressed with their seafood in the past.  As they are really known for that.  This time around, I think I underestimated what this city has to offer.  Although the selection of food options in general are less than Seoul, I have to give it to them when it comes to shellfish.


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Place with no name (hörnet Nguyen Trung Troc/Le Loi): best bun thit nuong in town 


When I lived in Seoul for 3 years, the one thing I regretted the most was not traveling around Asia as much as I should have. Yeah, I visited a few cities here and there.   Well, I guess you can say it's all about timing.  Perhaps I would not have enjoyed it as much traveling alone then.  Finding the right travel partner does make all the difference!  It wasn’t until after I left Korea did I finally visit Vietnam. So here we go.  Prior to this trip, I had a long list of expectations. Mainly food.  Okay, Vietnam has exceeded my expectations by miles. After picking the brains of 2 amazing bloggers/writers- Jen Yi from ‘Sites and Bites’ and Jan Ekholm who live in Vietnam, their list of favorites not only made our trip worthwhile, it made me anticipate my return trip. Hopefully sooner than later~

When I travel to different countries, I have to 'reset' my mind, body, emotions, habits, and attitude so that I can  'just be present'.  Upon arrival, I wasn’t anxious to know what was going to happen the next day.   Everyday felt like I was really given ‘just that day’ to live and eat, and wanted to take advantage of every moment.  If I didn’t, it would pass by under a blink.

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the back kitchen-brooklyn


For one night only...

Traditional Korean fare meets modern flavors and styling.  A Gluten-Free Menu meets a Brooklyn Pop Up. Acclaimed Seoul Chef Wonil Lee meets Seoul in the City’s Sarah Lee.  

This collaboration promises an innovative, beautiful, and flavorful dining experience.  Don’t miss out on this truly unique interpretation of Korean cuisine! 

Come with friends, bring your favorite bottle of wine or spirits, and grab a seat by purchasing tickets in advance! Tickets can be purchased via pay pal or credit card (see link below). Please inquire about dietary restrictions or general questions to sarah.lee25@gmail.com


An all gluten-free Korean menu:

'Pyogo Juk'

Shiitake mushroom cream porridge, topped with dates, perilla seeds, chili oil


Korean salad made with fresh seasonal greens, tossed with perilla seed dressing, silk tofu, crispy rice bits

'Saewoo Nangchae'

Steamed shrimp tossed in creamy mustard, brown rice, ketnip (Korean sesame leaf) & coriander pesto


Combination of three: bulgogi beef + two variations of tofu + washed kimchi; tofu cream infused with black sesame and garlic

'Bibim Bop'

Quinoa, stir fried dried anchovy, spinach, butternut squash, watercress, red cabbage, quail egg, red pepper paste

'Gokam mari & Dduk gochi'

Walnut wrapped in dried persimmon, fried rice cakes with yuzu glaze


Saturday, January 11th 2014

There will be 3 seatings, 20 seats/per seating.

Brunch-12:30-2:30pm ($25/person)-SOLD OUT!!!
Dinner 1st seating-5:30-7:30pm ($45/person)-SOLD OUT!!!
Dinner 2nd seating-8:30-11pm ($45/person)-SOLD OUT!!!

Nha Toi Restaurant in Williamsburg
160 Havemeyer St. (between 2nd and 3rd street)
Brooklyn, NY 11211  
*street parking available, nearest metro is L train 'Bedford Ave stop' or J/M ‘Marcy Ave Stop'

Please click here to purchase tickets through Brown Paper Tickets



the still life-hudson valley new york

Cows at Sprout Creek Farm-Poughkeepsie, NY

“Memory lives in the body.  Just like taste does.  Food is not simply about finding ingredients-it’s something that runs parallel to life, politics, gossip and histories…it’s something that we re-create every time we gather with our friends to grow and eat our foods.  And we create new memories.”

-Aruna D’Souza

The quote above pretty much sums up my life vision…my everyday vision.  Some of you may remember my previous posts about my farm experiences: Blue Hill at Stone Barns, Bean Table, salt farms in Korea, and visiting any farm for that matter.  So today I'll be sharing about the Hudson River Valley.

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