cannes, france

Just beautiful...


You know when you try a type of food for the first time, and it’s so good there’s so much involved? Not just the texture, or the color, or the size.  It becomes emotional.  It becomes a memory that will stay on the tip of your tongue.  Probably for a really long time.

That’s what happened here. At Cannes, France.  The local strawberries…yeah, I could just start and finish with this. Everyday.

I just got back from Cannes (located in the French Riviera) a few weeks ago, had a great opportunity to attend the Cannes Film Festival as a guest.  Checking this off my bucket list now! The city, the beaches, the food, the shopping...just not enough time to see and do everything really.  Oh, and I over packed. Just a little.  My wardrobe was ambitious, because you just never know how many outfits a lady would need per day due to the weather right? I mean it's Cannes! Uh, hopefully I’m not the only one that thought this way.


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countlan magazine feature-korean salted mackerel

Thanks to Sarah Lambersky & staff at Countlan Magazine for the recent feature on my Korean Salted Mackerel Recipe! Countlan based in Denmark, is a quarterly online magazine that explores how people entertain at home all over the world. Captured with gorgeous photos, Countlan really helps you see the beauty of individual stories through their lens.

Perfect recipe for summer if you love fish, hope you all enjoy this as much as I do~