noryangjin fish market-seoul

On our day off last week, the Eddy's Cafe crew (chefs from both gangnam and jukjeon) went to visit the Norangjin fish market with Executive Chef Darren.  It was my first visit, and I had an amazing time! We had a chance to check out what was available this season in Seoul, and picked our brains for new menu items.  Going to the fish market is definitely a must in Seoul! After our tour, we had fresh sashimi served at one of the restaurants below the market...along with a little soju of course :) A great way to start the day...
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will the eating ever end in seoul???

inside 'original pancake story' in hannam dong

I'm having such a great time exploring more and more 'hot spots' all around seoul! It seems endless, but I'm sure i'll find my favorites soon enough...Hannam Dong is actually one of the greatest towns to get fabulous food-especially hard finds like 'american brunch' or thai and indian restaurants...I found 'the original pancake story' through zen kimchi's blog recently, which was voted best brunch in seoul. Hhowever, I wasn't too impressed with the pancakes. Maybe I'll have to try their other dishes next time! I think i've been spoiled rotten by Chicago's 'bongo room, tweet, milk and honey, taste of heaven,' and many others! So the search for a great brunch spot continues...
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