edward kwon's 'the spice'

walking into 'the spice'

'The Spice' looks pretty different in the evenings...love it!

Chef Edward Kwon's newest restaurant 'The Spice'-contemporary European bistro, recently opened its doors in May in Hannam-dong, Seoul.  'The Spice' offers a course menu only, with extremely reasonable prices.  The platform of chefs can't be beat-Executive Chef Darren Vaughan from Sydney, Pastry Chef Chad Yamagata from Vancouver are just to name a few that are behind the culinary creations at the Spice.  Reservations are highly recommended, and  it's a great spot to hold private events.  This is definitely the 'hottest, to-be-seen' restaurants in Seoul!  
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edward kwon of seoul

As some of you may know, I arrived in Seoul mid-February  of this year, to pursue an amazing opportunity to work with Chef Edward Kwon as his Global Marketing Manager!

So who is this Edward Kwon? Just to give you a little background: he was the Head Chef of the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai, also known as the world's only 'seven star' hotel.  Previous to his experience in Dubai, he was at the Ritz Carlton Seoul, Ritz Carlton San Francisco, as well as the W Hotel-Seoul, Sheraton Grand Tianjin in China, Fairmont Hotel-Dubai. Upon his recent return to Seoul in 2009,  he opened up 'Eddy's cafe' (in Gangnam)-a casual cafe offering European/western style entrees at mid-range prices.  His first season of 'Yes Chef' was a success (similar to U.S.' Top Chef), and the second season will start filming in the next few months!  His recent autobiography was a best seller 2009, and Eddy's Cafe-2 opened up in Jukjeon last weekend.  I must say, he's quite a celebrity chef here!

Edward Kwon
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