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I'm about to reveal this hidden treasure in Apkujung...

Good friend Tina and I have discovered this bar this past summer, making a pact that it would be our 'secret' bar. Sahm. Needless to say, it's THE perfect spot for us!  There is simply no other bar like this in Seoul! They opened their doors late spring of 2010, mainly attracting folks in the bar/entertainment industry.  It's tucked away in the alleys near the famous Rodeo drive in Apkujung, so it's hard to spot stragglers just dropping a visit.

The owner and former model Jonghwan Shin, has been working in the industry for over a decade, and brings his honed skills to create 'his sanctuary'.  Not to mention the 2 other bartenders are currently models as well...uh hum. Well, this isn't the sole reason why Tina and I make this our second home, as everyone teases us about.  To me, Sahm is where 'The Green Mill meets The Violet Hour'. Two Chicago bars that are truly dear to me, and absolutely miss!

The lure: making your perfect drink.

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maakholic is a makkoli/champagne bar in chungdam-dong

Just had to blog about this new spot I discovered through some of my sommelier friends! Maakholic is a makgoelli (Korean rice wine) and Champagne bar in Chungdam-dong.  Known to only carry specialty makgeolli and cocktails made with makgeolli that cannot be found elsewhere, this is a great spot for a weekend evening!

Makkoli is rice wine produced through fermenting a mixture of rice grains and boiled water.  This is what gives it it's milky sweetness.  Best served with pajeon (Korean style pancake).
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