waffles with strawberry, and flat white coffee in a cafe-woollahra

'Breaky' as the aussie's put it, is quite good! I have mostly been eating breakfast at home...with a few occasions of going to a cafe. Kristi and Stephan are my favorite 'chefs' here...just look at what they make me! Most of the cafe's here offer a full breakfast/brunch menu, and even at 11am, it's packed with everyone eating breakfast! People do take their time at these cafes...I usually try to sip my coffee slowly, but when it's too good, it goes down like water! So yes, I have not spent more than 45 min. at a cafe as of yet.  

Still so many good cafes to check out, I'll have to post some more photos later.  

one of the first homemade brekky i had, thanks to stephan!stephan slaving away...

topping it with fresh parmesan cheese...yum!

voila! organic egg omelette with beetroot leaves, garlic, cheese, radish, side of whole grain toast, and glass of white wine...absolutely amazing!

what i usually eat...muesli with yogurt, and hand press coffee...kristi introduced me to 'whisk and spin' muesli, one of the best in town, and i'm addicted. i'll have to bring some home!