some of my favorite late nite eateries...

the best late nite eats in itaewon!!!

One of the best things about Seoul is that you can grab a bite almost any hour of the day! 3 am or even 5 am, always a spot to go...and the great thing is, you can find some of the best eats!  From Moroccan sandwich trucks on the streets of Itaewon, to sulung tang (Korean beef bone soup) in every neighborhood, and of course the pojang matchas (outdoor restaurants under tents that serve anything from soju to ramen).  The other week I had patbingsoo (Korean shaved ice with red bean dessert) at Coffee Smith in Garosugil at 2 am!

Itaewon attracts a ton of foreigners, not just for the bars and shopping, but the great late nite eateries.  Here are a few of my favs...

you'll find simon on the streets of itaewon...he'll greet you in french!

simon and his wife-cutest couple in itaewon!!!

making of the moroccan sandwich-best late nite snack on the streets of itaewon!

how good does this korean style ribs look? it tastes even better!  걸군의 왕곱창 in itaewon

grilling korean style pork ribs-itaewon

couldn't get enough of these korean style ribs!

pork skin..the best part!

soft shell crab with yellow curry-st. augistine

indonesian nasi goreng at st. augistine in garosugil. first time having this, and it was pretty darn good...