my first few weeks in seoul

cute waffle cafe in gangnam

It's been a few years since i've been here, and to my surprise, the food scene has changed dramatically! The globalization of food is pretty evident here...every corner you will find a waffle cafe, burger joint, pho noodle bar, and even mexican and indian restaurants! I'm excited to start my food exploration, and can't wait to share my adventures with all of you!

tea house in gangnam-building is beautiful!

mexican restaurant in gangnam...i'm so amazed how the food scene is changing rapidly in seoul!

a pub in korea???

grilling pork belly (sam gyup sal) and kimchi-the best!!!

2 korean natives, and 3 girls from chicago!

smiling with the 2 joe kims-U of I friends!

love the lighting in this lounge!

getting late night after having a few drinks!

crazy night crowd in myung dong!

there are so many kebab carts in korea!

these grilled squids were delish!

these could be sooo addictive!

the best spicy pork belly ramen! (but i forgot the name of the place!)

tonkatsu and curry combo is always good...

curry at 'vin' indian was not bad, but it was pretty funny how they gave us pickles and regular sticky rice! where's the basmati rice???

cute bakery in gangnam

love the chairs in front of this cafe-samchung dong

tina and i posing in front of one of the 2 starbucks in seoul where starbucks is written in korean!

shoe store in samchung dong

chedder cheese pasta with fries? it was more like cheese fries with some noodles...wasn't really up my alley...

beetroot salad with smoked salmon-the beets were good, but the salmon was way too fishy...and the iceberg lettuce did not quite complete the salad!

bbq burger with the most random sides...was a bit confused, but the burger was not bad!

these waffle houses are so popular in seoul!

this is one of the cutest cafes in samchung dong!

leaving notes on the wall...

i wanted to take this menu home:)

they roast their own coffee...will have to pick some up next time!

the best cafe latte so far in seoul...

enjoying my latte...

tina and sabrina

coffee waffles with chocolate and vanilla ice cream-this was so good!

cute brunch spot in samchungdong

the making of the silk honey dessert-these guys are hilarious during the presentation!

silk thread like desserts made with just honey and corn starch

wishing tree...

dong dong joo-korean rice liquor

tasting this 'dong dong joo' korean rice drink-one of my favorites!

seafood and onion pajun (korean pancake)-a must with the dong dong joo!