the photos that didn't make the first cut, but should have....

bondi beach-surf heaven!

There are so many photos that I either forgot to add in my previous blogs on Sydney, or just got lost in the shuffle.  I just had to add these in...I'm really missing Oz!

swimming in ocean water at the icebergs pool-bondi beach

beautiful modern house in watsons bay

what would it be like to live in one of these houses? watsons bay is just stunning!

watsons bay

bourke street bakery in surry hills was my absolute favorite bakery in sydney!!!

blue mountains australia...the one day i had a chance to go, it had to be foggy! couldn't see anything, except this photo was great!

posing in front of the 'whisk and spin' store in the blue mountains, my favorite muesli that i got hooked on!

i can just eat everything in this whisk and spin store!!!

surry hills library-spent quite some time here...

the front facade of this library is absolutely beautiful!

kristi and i on top of a hill near wollongong

melbourne cup day-the biggest race in australia! i bought this feather headband just for this occasion. not sure where i will wear it again... stephan and i did not coordinate our outfits either!

enjoying a cup of coffee at centennial park

i loved this photo-part of the art exhibit at hyde park during the night noodle mkts