kristi's taste of seoul

kristi taking a break in front of a cafe in samchungdong...

Good friend Kristi Wayman and world class interior designer from Sydney, came to Seoul last week on a business trip.  To my surprise,  she is absolutely in love with this city! Within a few days, I was able to give her a taste of 'My Seoul'...I cannot wait until she comes back with her German hubbie-Stephan :)

kristi was just amazed with the dessert they were making with just corn starch and honey.  i always get sucked into buying a box! but have to admit, they are always quite entertaining!

the smell of fresh green tea at o'sulloc cafe in insadong...

the drinks and desserts were amazing...and the pottery was absolutely beautiful!

inside o'sulloc cafe-insadong. the danish modern furniture just stunning!

how cute is this!

cafe in apkujong...

cafe culture is amazing in seoul!

outside cafe 50 in apkujong-the 'no stress cafe'

relaxing with some wine at cafe the 'no stress cafe' sign on the wall.

after a full day of shopping and eating, kristi was finally able to relax!!!

how amazing is this building in shinsa-dong! first floor was the store of fashion designer 'ann demeulemeester'. we walked all around town to find this place, well worth it!

introducing kristi to korean drinking culture-dongdongjoo rice liquor in gangnam

trying to put this spoon of dongdongjoo in my mouth...maybe not a good idea!