the first days of summer in seoul

cute cafe in garasugil-my new neighborhood

crepe restaurant-garasugil

spending some time at a cafe-garasugil

cute shop-garasugil

thai spot in garasugil

Aussie Chef Darren Vaughan and I had an opportunity to partake in the special 'Made in Korea' dinner series at the CoexGrand Intercontinental Hotel in Gangnam.  I was mostly impressed with the first course which was makoli and dried kimchi and dried gogooma (Korean sweet potato).  It was the perfect way to start off the evening!

starters-makoli rice wine with dried kimchi and korean sweet potato...this was actually my favorite in the whole 'made in korea' series!

seared kingfish with namul pesto, gochujang, and ginger floss- 'made in korea series'

jeju cactus fruit sorbet in dry ice bowl-'made in korea' series

korean beef short ribs with beef tenderloin-'made in korea' series at the grand intercontinental

watching the korea vs. greece world cup game with friends at casa espana-gangnam

crazy times...go korea!!!

had to take a photo of this...go jisung!

interior at 'casa espana' was pretty nice!

this is the largest paella pan i've seen! this was our dinner while watching the world cup korea vs. greece game at 'casa espana' in gangnam