haeundae beach, pusan

haeundae beach...this was my view from the westin chosun restaurant where i had breaky and afternoon tea everyday!

sipping on banana milk on the ktx, heading to busan

Haeundae beach is at the southeast end of Busan, which is the 2nd largest city in South Korea. Haeundae, now an affluent beach community that attracts Korean tourists and foreigners,  is known as Korea's best beach!  I could not have gone at a better time-end of august when all the tourists were gone!

The are known for their fresh seafood and  'dongnae pajun' amongst other good eats...I didn't have much time to explore all the savory eats in town, but definitely made a stop at 'halmoni pajun' restaurant in a town called dongnae, known to be the local favorite!

Making a trip to busan was a 'nice break' from the Seoul madness...a must when you need a quick getaway!

haeundae beach-busan

lounge bar at the westin chosun-haeundae beach

i couldn't stop laughing at these ajumas on the beach! they cover themselves with sand, and block out the sun completely. is this a healthy method i don't know about???

one of the local fish mkts at night...

picking out our fish...

nice piece of red snapper!

the red snapper we bought at the mkt for dinner...we had to take it the restaurant upstairs ourselves!

fresh red snapper that we picked out...

dagutang-spicy korean soup with red snapper...restaurants prepare this after you each the sashimi-yum!

it was a beautiful day in busan...

inside 'dongnae halmoni pajun' restaurant-busan

the image of halmoni (grandmother in korean) herself!

diving into the infamous pajun!

dongnae halmoni pajun-a bit doughy for me...but it was still good!

of course you have to have dong dong ju with pajun :)

amazing rice cakes at 'halmoni pajun'