starting my spring in nyc

New York City was the last leg of my U.S. trip, prior to heading back home to Seoul.  A long list of restaurants were running through my mind...but due to lack of time, I was only able to hit a few spots that I have been dying to check out! So before you guys even read further, you could probably guess which restaurants I might be talking about? 

Chef David Chang's Momofuku Clan: Ko, Ssam, Noodle Bar, Milk Bar & Ma Peche.  Well, I was only able to dine at Ko and Ssam bar.  However, I am safe to say that after dining at Ko, my palette has reached a new level after diving into their shaved frozen fois gras with pine nut brittle, grape wine gelee, & lychee!


Inside Momofuku Ssam


Santa Barbara Uni with Nori @ Ssam


Their infamous pork belly buns @ Ssam!


Wasn't allowed to take photos inside, thus this is the only photo of Ko!

Momofuku Ssam bar-known for their pork belly buns-it exceeded my expectation; their Santa Barbara uni in nori cones was golden!

Momofuku Ko-cannot believe I was able to land reservations! Christine and I were on the computer exactly 6 days in advance at 10am to reserve a spot for two, and you literaly have seconds to grab whatever you can get!  I was sad photos were not allowed.  But the overall experience was notable.  The seating wraps around the open kitchen, where three chefs prepare each of the 10-12 courses (including 2 amuse bouche) with absolute meticulation and passion.  We left completely satisfied, only to find ourselves stopping by for Mickey D fries and a slice of NYC cheese on our way home! Things Christine and I do...the good ol' days:)


A few other spots: Schillers on Revington in lower east side (this place was in the movie 'Morning Glory' with Harrison Ford & Diane Keaton!)

Friends took me there because we were in the area, and was not originally on my list.  Great atmosphere, great service, comfort foods were their specilty...but would have to give it a B- for food.


Had a chance to see a live solo performance of good friend Bobby Choy aka 'Big Phony' at the Living Room on Ludlow in lower east side.


Christine diving into her fries, while I'm dabbing off the grease on my cheese slice...after Momofuku Ko!


Walking around, fell upon this VW taco van! Pretty random...then peeked into my favorite men's store!


Dean & Deluca a must stop everytime I'm in NYC...


Recommended by friend Hana Choi (check out her blog, Style FareHarney & Sons teas has an amazing selection of teas! You can pretty much taste every tea at this flagship store before making a final decision on your selection.


Harney and Sons

Soho Location    

433 Broome St. 

NY, NY 10013  

Momofuku Ko

East Village

163 1st Ave.

NY, NY 10003

Momofuku Ssam

East Village

207 2nd Ave. 

NY, NY 10003 


Lower East Side 

131 Rivington St.

NY, NY 10002