starting my spring in nyc

New York City was the last leg of my U.S. trip, prior to heading back home to Seoul.  A long list of restaurants were running through my mind...but due to lack of time, I was only able to hit a few spots that I have been dying to check out! So before you guys even read further, you could probably guess which restaurants I might be talking about? 

Chef David Chang's Momofuku Clan: Ko, Ssam, Noodle Bar, Milk Bar & Ma Peche.  Well, I was only able to dine at Ko and Ssam bar.  However, I am safe to say that after dining at Ko, my palette has reached a new level after diving into their shaved frozen fois gras with pine nut brittle, grape wine gelee, & lychee!


Inside Momofuku Ssam

 Santa Barbara Uni with Nori @ Ssam

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