bargain shopping in seoul

Flea markets in Seoul? Really??????

Platoon Kunsthalle Night Flea Market is where it's at...

The Bar that turns into a shopping meca the 1st Saturday of every month!

"The Platoon Kunsthalle concept, an aesthetic compound that has its flagship in Germany, is a place of artistic experimentation and subcultural socializing. Platoon Kunsthalle hosts art for patrons who are interested in creating and displaying their work, from urban art and contemporary photography to funky music and modish dance. It is an ideal place for people to find an outlet for artistic expression." (Courtesy of 10 magazine).

My friends and I had tons of fun stopping at this flea mkt-although I didn't end up getting anything...but eating German sausages, listening to live Dj's, and checking out the edgy fashionista's making their statement- a nice way to spend a Saturday evening.
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