bargain shopping in seoul

Flea markets in Seoul? Really??????

Platoon Kunsthalle Night Flea Market is where it's at...

The Bar that turns into a shopping meca the 1st Saturday of every month!

"The Platoon Kunsthalle concept, an aesthetic compound that has its flagship in Germany, is a place of artistic experimentation and subcultural socializing. Platoon Kunsthalle hosts art for patrons who are interested in creating and displaying their work, from urban art and contemporary photography to funky music and modish dance. It is an ideal place for people to find an outlet for artistic expression." (Courtesy of 10 magazine).

My friends and I had tons of fun stopping at this flea mkt-although I didn't end up getting anything...but eating German sausages, listening to live Dj's, and checking out the edgy fashionista's making their statement- a nice way to spend a Saturday evening.

If you are interested in reserving a spot and selling your stuff at the flea market than you can sign up on the Bling website (Korean language) or contact Platoon Kunsthalle for an English sign-up form ( The registration fee is W10,000.

The flea market is on the first Saturday of every month from 8 pm – 12 am. 02-3447-1191

Location-Hakdong Stn. (line 7, ex. 10) and head toward Dosan Park. Platoon is a 10-minute walk away, just across from Nanumi Hospital.

crazy lines...

start of the big rush

i think i liked the men's stuff better...

some vendors selling the most random things...

me and ry being dorks...

check out the crazy crowd!

doota shopping center in dongdaemun

Another great bargain shopping area-must shop at Dongdaemun (Great East Gate)  at night! Seoul's largest wholesale and retail shopping district with 26 plus shopping malls, 30,000 specialty shops, and 50,000 manufacturers.  Hitting dongdaemun at night is where the fun is at!.

Exit 14 at Dongdaemun Cultural and History Center-off of line 2 or line 5

'Doota' is one of the more nicer but pricier shopping centers...and a bit more tough to bargain!

outdoor shopping at dongdaemun

the mandoo guy by exit 10 in dongdaemun. he gave us an extra mandoo after some serious pleading with our smiles! eating snacks while shopping is a must. otherwise you won't have enough energy to shop!

watching this guy prepare our mandoo

you'll see a bunch of these kinds of stands in dongdaemun

sally and i excited to eat these chicken skewers

you have to cut the skewer stick as you eat it...otherwise you won't be able to eat the chicken!