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Welcome to Seoul in the City!

I would like to thank my avid readers and followers since 2009! I'm absolutely blessed with all the encouragement and continuous support that inspires me to keep up with my journal.  I will abide with my fellow partners, and hope that 'my love affair' with food, travel and design will never cease...

As my first official post for my new site, I would like to re-introduce one of my favorites-coffee bangatgan-커피   방앗간 in Samchungdong.  It's a treat when I go to this spot, since it's a bit far for me. Their novelty: to leave your mark, you can write notes or doodle on their custom napkins, and just tape it anywhere in the cafe...literally. 

Whenever I go back, I try to look for the notes I left behind the previous time...but never can find it! Perhaps it blew away...or someone loved my note and snatched it away? hahaha...

The photos below will make you hungry...such a tease...Enjoy:)


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some of my favorite things...


amazing hand drip coffee at 'cafe may' in garosugil

For my readers out there, you may have noticed that I have so many 'favorite' spots around Seoul...but I wanted to blog about a few spots that are truly dear to me, and love taking my close friends to! I was tempted 'not' to blog about this for a while...but oh what the heck! Sharing is caring :) This is to my fans out there...perhaps I'll bump into you at these spots one day!

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After spending an afternoon at Changdeokgung Palace near Insadong, I decided to drop a visit to one of my favorite areas in Seoul-Insadong. Something about this place always warms my heart.  The galleries, the street food vendors, traditional tea houses as well as the amazing Korean restaurants that won't kill your budget! For 5,000-6,000 won, you can eat until your stuffed! Now that's my kind of meal :)

This day was spent to pamper Sarah...I found the mandoo place that I so craved for all these years!  'Sadong Myunok - 사동면옥' is a famous mandoo (Korean dumpling) restaurant that my cousin took me to 4 + years ago, and couldn't find it a few months ago. But this day, I just couldn't leave Insadong until I found it. Their mandoo soup totally hit the spot, then picked up a 'hoduk' on my way to a tea house.
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