january bites...


Welcome to Seoul in the City!

I would like to thank my avid readers and followers since 2009! I'm absolutely blessed with all the encouragement and continuous support that inspires me to keep up with my journal.  I will abide with my fellow partners, and hope that 'my love affair' with food, travel and design will never cease...

As my first official post for my new site, I would like to re-introduce one of my favorites-coffee bangatgan-커피   방앗간 in Samchungdong.  It's a treat when I go to this spot, since it's a bit far for me. Their novelty: to leave your mark, you can write notes or doodle on their custom napkins, and just tape it anywhere in the cafe...literally. 

Whenever I go back, I try to look for the notes I left behind the previous time...but never can find it! Perhaps it blew away...or someone loved my note and snatched it away? hahaha...

The photos below will make you hungry...such a tease...Enjoy:)



honey stand in insadong-the best ginger honey!

braised pork @채운


 amazing chicken from 채운 chinese restaurant-sinsa dong

inside the tea museum-insadong brisking the cold on a sunny day... you can find one of the best spicy octopus @ 뱃고동 (baetgodong) in apkujung...it's a chain around seoul also famous for this squid tempura...but i didn't fancy this as much...wasn't crispy, but i think that's their concept

the best part-making fried rice with the left over squid, banchan, seaweed