solbin's superdog in apkujong

tina and i getting excited to eat our 'midnight' snack at superdog-in apkujong

One of my favorite late nite snacks in Seoul-Solbin's Superdog in Apkujung! Introduced by my friend Tina last summer, I don't know if it's a curse or a blessing! Hahahaha...both I guess.  Tina and I always make a stop before heading to Sahm bar...sometimes we'll even go twice (before and after Sahm).  Yes, 2 crazzzzy ladies can never get enough of these dogs!
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some of my favorite things...


amazing hand drip coffee at 'cafe may' in garosugil

For my readers out there, you may have noticed that I have so many 'favorite' spots around Seoul...but I wanted to blog about a few spots that are truly dear to me, and love taking my close friends to! I was tempted 'not' to blog about this for a while...but oh what the heck! Sharing is caring :) This is to my fans out there...perhaps I'll bump into you at these spots one day!

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german food in seoul?

open kitchen at barlin german restaurant

Barlin (pronounced Baerlin)-a modern, mid-range German restaurant located in Susong-dong,  heralds a glimpse of Europe to Seoul.  I recently stumbled upon this place with Chef Darren, and we both looked at each other and said 'finally, proper sausages in Seoul!' Authentic German Cuisine is truly a hard to find in Seoul.  Although I wasn't a huge fan of their starter bread (nothing like The Spice's bread!) and their was just okay. However, their sausage mains were spot on, and the service was deserving.  Loved their open kitchen concept with the custom mural above it, which added a refined element to the space. Definitely would like to revisit soon to try their sausage schnitzel! 
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