solbin's superdog in apkujong

tina and i getting excited to eat our 'midnight' snack at superdog-in apkujong

One of my favorite late nite snacks in Seoul-Solbin's Superdog in Apkujung! Introduced by my friend Tina last summer, I don't know if it's a curse or a blessing! Hahahaha...both I guess.  Tina and I always make a stop before heading to Sahm bar...sometimes we'll even go twice (before and after Sahm).  Yes, 2 crazzzzy ladies can never get enough of these dogs!

Good hot dogs are truly a difficult find in Seoul, but something about Solbin's...his specialty bacon wrapped dogs with Korean style cole slaw, chili sauce, ketchup, creamy cheese, and chopped onions.  It's his take on the Kogi tacos in L.A...but with hot dogs...Absolutely delish!

Solbin started off with his business by selling his hotdogs in a cart 2 years ago in Apkujung.  His reputation, along with his natural charm, brought instant recognition amongst late nite guests looking for good eats.  He'll even deliver one hot to Gangnam on his scooter! He claims this is what brought return customers...Be sure to take a polaroid photo of you and your friend to tag onto his wall of fame!

Clientele: Kyopo's (Korean ex-pats), celebrities, foreigners, and of course the locals who love hot dogs as much as we do:)

His secret: Solbin claims it's the love he puts in making the hot dogs! As cheezy as it sounds, I think there's definitely some truth to it!

Location: Honestly...a bit hard to explain, but it's behind Uni Qlo (across from Galleria dept. store in Apukung). Close to Rodeo drive, kiddie corner from Mister donut. Sorry my explanation is so dodgy! I will update this soon...

Solbin-the owner of 'Super Dog' in Apkujong

the dogs cooked in beautiful butter...this just can't be too healthy, but pretty darn good!

solbin let me take over while he went to deliver some dogs

i must say, my dogs were pretty darn good! had way too much fun...

tina and bobby getting excited to eat solbin's dogs!

ed and john trying out their first solbin dogs!

the best freakin hot dogs in seoul!

bobby thoroughly enjoying his dog...