melbourne. love at first sight.

lounge at seamstress

I seriously don’t know where to begin. I heard about Melbourne before, but when you think of Australia, most people think of Sydney first. The moment I arrived in Sydney, all Kristi was talking about was ‘Melbourne, Melbourne, Melbourne.’ So I thought, then why the heck am I in Sydney, and not in Melbourne? Hahahaha. This is actually the exact question the locals in Melbourne asked me! This city is the food and fashion capitol of Oz!

Kristi and Stephan went with me for the first few days, then I was on my own for 3 days. Just an hour flight from Sydney, you can get one way tickets as low as $28! It was nice to getaway from Sydney for a little bit...

Everyone else that I met in Sydney, could not stop raving about the food in Melbourne...

By the time I made it out to Melbourne, I had 6 lists of restaurants...even when I got to the city, a bartender I met wrote down his list of places for me to check out as well!

Their cafe and bar culture is amazing!!! Most of the great bars and cafes are actually located in the alleys...a concept I didn’t quite understand until I saw it for myself. I was speechless. Melbourne is pretty different from Sydney...more relaxed, more culture, more diverse, more color. I honestly don’t know how I controlled my shopping, because I really did want to buy every thing in sight! Food was fantastic, and the divy bars were like no other. This city reminded me of Paris, New York, Chicago, and bits of LA all wrapped up in one!

degraves st.

just bought 2 new trippen shoes...i don't think i've seen kristi this excited! her addiction to this german shoe company

part of the outside wall at movida restaurant

inside movida-spanish tapas...a spot that everyone recommended me to go to...

hand filled cantabrian artisan anchovy on crouton with smoked salmon sorbet-yum!

roasted scallop viera with jamon & potato foam-this was my favorite at movida

in front of gingerboy

interior at gingerboy-absolutely beautiful!

whole fried red snapper-gingerboy

we were so full before our dessert platter came out...but we definitely attacked this!


even cuter!

cafe at the city library

i could just live here...

by the river...

dennis hopper exhibit-fantastic!

do you see the bride and groom?

melbourne's chinatown

not sure if i would want to eat here...

inside the supper club-gorgeous!

cannot get enough photos of these interiors!!!

love how the sign of this bar is on the wall...

the floral shops here are perfect...

georg jensen bike...there are only 2 in australia!

bought tea towels at this shop. yes, must stop this addiction!

i did not walk into this store...i resisted the temptation...but the building is beautiful!

the great petition

cute shop in fitzroy

gills diner

risotto with peas, lemon, mint, & taleggio cheese-gills diner

inside the ian potter centre

aboriginal art-ian potter centre

inside the cafe at the state library...

inside the state library

outside the state library

wilkens and kent...of course i picked up a tea towel from here too!

love this idea!!!

last supper in melbourne-the uni was absolutely divine!!!

inside hills bar-loved the interior...

inside cookie bar



last breaky at 'take 5' cafe on degraves