the page

the brunch menu at 'the page'

Spent a Saturday afternoon with friends to check out this fairly new brunch spot 'The Page' in Bangbae-dong.

Their menu-pretty straight forward with very reasonable prices...really enjoyed most of the dishes, however my friends and I came to a conclusion that the portions are smaller than it looks.  So if you do go there, I would advise getting a side of waffles (mini waffles start at 3,000 won).  My favorite was the English egg muffin (their take on eggs benedict with beef instead of Canadian bacon).

The interior is to the point.  Minimal, the way I like it.  3 floors, with private sections if you would want to hold meetings.  Wi-fi available, valet available, however they do not take reservations.  The place is quite large, so you shouldn't have a hard time finding a table!

Location-Bangbae-dong 796-27

Number:  02-536-5961

pancakes, eggs, bacon-'the page'

english breakfast is the name of this dish...eggs, tomato, beef, english muffin. this was the best one!

croque monsieur-yum!

blueberry waffles at 'the page' brunch spot in bangbae-dong

just had a fabulous brunch at 'the page'

seoyoung and chad-just having fun!

cute cafe in bangbae-dong (didn't get to check it out, but had to take a photo of this sign!)