some of my favorite things...

amazing hand drip coffee at 'cafe may' in garosugil

For my readers out there, you may have noticed that I have so many 'favorite' spots around Seoul...but I wanted to blog about a few spots that are truly dear to me, and love taking my close friends to! I was tempted 'not' to blog about this for a while...but oh what the heck! Sharing is caring :) This is to my fans out there...perhaps I'll bump into you at these spots one day!

inside 'cafe may' in garosugil

customers can pin their point cards on the wall, and just use it again next time!

inside 'cafe may'

pastry chef chad from 'the spice' made pepero to give out to our guests on 'pepero day' in seoul-11.11

han choo bar/restaurant in sinsa...a 10 min walk from my place!

crispy stuffed jalapeno peppers

the pork stuff jalapeno peppers @ 한추, just can't enough of these!

thoroughly enjoying the peppers...

inside 한추

my favorite sake bar in garosugil...right @the entrance of garosugil (sinsa side)

inside 정든집...

the chilled sake with extra ice @정든집 sake bar-this is an absolute must!

Seoul in the City's fans-Rodney & Ivy  came to visit me at 'The Spice'! Thanks for visiting, I was thrilled to meet you guys in person...hope we meet up soon!