my first christmas in seoul

sally bought this christmas cake for party, but we ended up bringing it home! and i've been eating it ever since...oh geez...

Missing home like crazy this holiday season...must say it really didn't feel like Christmas here in Seoul! The traffic-road and foot- was absolutely crazy on the 24th and the 25th.  Everything was pretty much open both days, and all of Seoul was out and about.  I stopped by Myung-dong on the 25th with my roommate, I just about died in the the weather was quite brutal this past week!  All in all, I'm very blessed to have close friends around me, who have made my first Christmas in Seoul amazing! Would not have have spent it any other way!

To my devoted readers out there-thanks for keeping up with my blog, I am truly grateful for your encouragement as well as your continuous support.  You guys are my true kindred spirits!

Hope everyone had a warm Christmas, and have a fantastic New Years!

met christmas bear on the train, had to take a photo!!!

'free hugs' at myung dong on random!

crazy crowd on christmas in myung dong

roasted chesnuts in myung dong on christmas day!

hodduk on a cold the best!

enjoying hodduk on christmas day!

silk button-my favorite jewelry store in myung dong!

earrings from silk button-all made from silk scarves!

spending christmas eve with jon and keeyon

brian and chad goofing off-christmas eve @ portgha

tina and her cousin

folks having a good time at our portgha christmas eve party