balwoo gongyang- temple cuisine in insadong, seoul

the banchan spread

Balwoo Gongyang is truly a spirited, unique restaurant that offers Buddhist temple cuisine, located alongside the art district of Insadong  (Anguk station).   Insadong is where tourists flock to check out the traditional Korean pottery and artworks, amazing han jung sik restaurants (traditional Korean restaurants that have the amazing banchan spreads), tea houses, the most entertaining street food vendors, and not to mention reporters from local tv stations that will seek out every foreigner for an interview (first hand experience-Kristi and I have been through this when she came to visit!).

Balwoo Gongyang offers 3 types of course series, for both lunch and dinner.   I enjoyed the 12 course option, although photos of each entree is not displayed below.   The food was absolutely amazing, especially when they did not use any garlic or how difficult is that when preparing Korean food? I would definitely like to partake in a few classes...a must stop when visiting Seoul :)

For more into, check out their website : Balwoo Gongyang

sweet rice wrapped in leaves

one of my favorites from the course-산삼과마구이...ginseng with honey and yuzu sauce

the first course-주전부리 fried fruit, sweet potato, and potato chips

더덕셀러드-root salad with mixed greens and sesame dressing

우무콩국수-cold white bean noodle soup

삼색전-korean style pancakes 3 ways

계정혜삼합-rice wrapped in leaves, temple style dumplings, tofu


i don't remember the name of this dish!

cold buckwheat noodles...looks spicier than it actually is!