cooking with chef darren vaughan at shinsegae

chef's recent debut of his newest cook book-'eddy's cafe' which details all recipes and 'know-how's' of all 4 menus

Early August, executive chef Darren Vaughan of Edward Kwon, led a series of classes for a week representing 'Eddy's Cafe' at the Shinsegae department store in Gangnam.  Shinsegae academy invites up to 8 guests to partake in this free cooking class, an intuitive hands-on experience that all the 'yummy mummy's' of Seoul come out to participate.

I was honored to do all the translating...which I have to say that I have never done anything like this before! Fortunately, the ladies (amongst other students) were very forgiving when I didn't know how to explain things as well as I should.  Although I did receive many compliments on the translating, as well as my form of entertainment :)  I learned a whole deal of techniques from chef Darren, and the best part of course was to partake in the tastings!

chef darren filleting cured salmon-shinsegae academy cooking class

curing salmon with rock salt, sugar, spices

pan seared snapper with olive oil mash, antiboise sauce

searing snapper with olive oil, salt and pepper

cured salmon with lemon dressing, green vitamins

panna cotta with citrus fruit melody...yum!

tossed caprese salad-heirloom tomatoes, bufalo mozzarella, basil, olive oil, salt and pepper

apricot compote with white chocolate mousse, topped with mint...prepared by chef chad yamagata


the table set up for the class...

the ladies enjoying what chef darren prepared

the ladies seem fascinated with how simple some of the dishes were to prepare...