random photos from a traveller

DSC02877 love this ad...

DSC02858 paddy's market in chinatown-it's a cross b/w nyc chinatown and namdamoon inside

DSC02871 thought this was funny-there were sydney book in chinese and korean!

DSC02872 pretty nice kfc!

DSC_0133 sydney harbour bridge

DSC_0174 sydney opera house

DSC_0175 do you see the people climbing the bridge!

DSC_0181 view from the pylon lookout...how beautiful!

DSC_0195 food mkt at the rocks...

DSC_0199 quite interesting...at the circular quay

DSC_0204 haven't been inside yet...but of course there is a wagamama here!

DSC_0206 cute cafe near the circular quay

DSC_0205 love these tables!!!

DSC02841 what a job...