sculpture by the sea exhibit


Last weekend, we had a chance to walk along Bondi Beach to Bronte Beach, and see all the beautiful sculptures part of the 'Sculpture By the Sea' exhibit. They only have it for 2 weeks, and I'm glad I was still here to see it! The concept for Sculpture by the Sea is the culmination of many years thinking, where a new step in the thought process came up every year or so. It was absolutely stunning!

DSC_0059 bondi beach...

DSC_0075 this house is made out of toys! the kids loved it...

DSC_0064 i look like i just woke up...kristi looks fabulous!

DSC_0068 acting silly in one of the sculptures

DSC_0069 love the towel scarf, is this a german thing stephan???



DSC_0105 so many people along the cliff!

DSC_0113 i had to take a photo of this...too cute!


DSC_0116 shoes made out of sand, loved this!!!


DSC_0110 cannot get enough photos of the water...

DSC_0132 it's the take-away soy sauce containers!

DSC_0135 this was quite amazing...looks like a giant spider!

DSC_0140 me and my watch fetish...


DSC_0170 little man on a beautiful rock!


DSC_0153 it was a beautiful walk...