chicago: food like no other


My recent visit to hometown Chicago, I was able to over indulge on all my favorite eats!  Didn't quite have the time to hit all my favorite hot spots, but I did a pretty darn good job adding the calories:) Was it worth it? Absolutely...

Chicago's got everything when it comes to food...and I must warn you, you may leave hungry after viewing this gallery!



Pizza @ Spacca Napoli                           Pork Bahn Mi @ Ba Le                                Italian Beef @ Portillos

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the page

the brunch menu at 'the page'

Spent a Saturday afternoon with friends to check out this fairly new brunch spot 'The Page' in Bangbae-dong.

Their menu-pretty straight forward with very reasonable prices...really enjoyed most of the dishes, however my friends and I came to a conclusion that the portions are smaller than it looks.  So if you do go there, I would advise getting a side of waffles (mini waffles start at 3,000 won).  My favorite was the English egg muffin (their take on eggs benedict with beef instead of Canadian bacon).

The interior is to the point.  Minimal, the way I like it.  3 floors, with private sections if you would want to hold meetings.  Wi-fi available, valet available, however they do not take reservations.  The place is quite large, so you shouldn't have a hard time finding a table!
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will the eating ever end in seoul???

inside 'original pancake story' in hannam dong

I'm having such a great time exploring more and more 'hot spots' all around seoul! It seems endless, but I'm sure i'll find my favorites soon enough...Hannam Dong is actually one of the greatest towns to get fabulous food-especially hard finds like 'american brunch' or thai and indian restaurants...I found 'the original pancake story' through zen kimchi's blog recently, which was voted best brunch in seoul. Hhowever, I wasn't too impressed with the pancakes. Maybe I'll have to try their other dishes next time! I think i've been spoiled rotten by Chicago's 'bongo room, tweet, milk and honey, taste of heaven,' and many others! So the search for a great brunch spot continues...
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breaky 2

single origins special breaky single origins special breaky

Part of the October food fest, 'Single Origins Cafe' was also having a special breaky. First, they made coffee of my choice, with a morning muesli and fresh fruit...followed by a ‘Colombian’ tamale with fresh pico de gallo, matched with a pot of colombian coffee. Food was excellent, and the best part-I met the manager (actually I think he’s the owner) of this cafe, and I received a special goodie bag at the end of my breaky! Gotta say, quite nice when you start chatting with the chefs/owners...they definitely take care of you! This cafe is absolutely the best here...not just by recommendations from friends, but I am already addicted! It’s quite a walk, but I’ll be making my frequent stops there for a ‘flat white!’


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waffles with strawberry, and flat white coffee in a cafe-woollahra

'Breaky' as the aussie's put it, is quite good! I have mostly been eating breakfast at home...with a few occasions of going to a cafe. Kristi and Stephan are my favorite 'chefs' here...just look at what they make me! Most of the cafe's here offer a full breakfast/brunch menu, and even at 11am, it's packed with everyone eating breakfast! People do take their time at these cafes...I usually try to sip my coffee slowly, but when it's too good, it goes down like water! So yes, I have not spent more than 45 min. at a cafe as of yet.  

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